The Chisholm Name Website

Welcome to the Chisholm Name Website.  My interest in the Chisholms was piqued when we started to research my grandmotherís antecedents.  She was a Chisholm who grew up in Brighton on the south coast of England.  But she said there was a Chisholm tartan in her somewhere.  We endeavored to find out.

Chisholm is of course a Scottish clan name and those interested in this Chisholm lore should consult the Chisholm clan website (   The following are the basics of the story.

Chisholm Basics

Chisholms come from both Highland and Lowland clan roots.  The eighteenth and nineteenth centuries saw an exodus, for both voluntary and involuntary reasons. 

We remember most the Highland exodus, forced out after the clearances.   These Chisholms were driven to places as far apart as Nova Scotia in Canada and South Island in New Zealand.   Many would preserve in these pastures new their clan identity; clan music, and clan stories of romance and betrayal. 

But we should not forget another exodus, more Lowland but some Highland, of those who left more willingly to seek out new opportunities abroad.  Their ties were looser with the homeland.  In fact, the name Chisholm became Chism in Ireland and Chisolm in parts of America.  And many of these hardy emigrants were industrious and proved very successful in their new lands.

This Website

This is my more personalized rambling through this journey, including my own Chisholm family history.  It is meant more as a good read for Chisholm enthusiasts like myself. Some good stories are to be found (there are links from the text to the web story page).  And those tracing their roots and ancestors may find some useful pointers here.

I welcome your feedback and your queries and comments.

Colin Shelley